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Organizations - National Association for Search & Rescue (NASAR) – Int’l Police Work Dog Assoc. – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – information related to missing & exploited children – Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction – American Kennel Club - criminal background check - Federal Emergency Management Agency – Vermont club providing classes and outing opportunities – providing no/low training to SAR individuals


Navigation - GPS units - source of mapping software – mapping software - tools for plotting GPS coordinates – topographic maps online – compasses & navigational material – educational materials



Suppliers – clothing and outdoor gear – clothing and outdoor gear – clothing – dog vests and gear – suppliers of post-cranial human bones – tugs, balls, training gear – tugs, balls, dog training gear – tugs. balls, canine training gear – supplier of gear for hunting & working dogs – search & rescue gear – supplier of search & rescue gear – maker of custom leather collars, leashes, etc for working & sporting dogs – supplier of dog collars, dog SAR vests, trailing harnesses and lines,etc. – dog equipment – GPS tracking dog collars, etc.

Canine nutritional products – raw dog food – dehydrated raw dog food – raw dog food – distributors of Animal Naturals Canine nutritional supplements, et. al.

Articles & publications – Andy Rebmann & Marcia Koenig K9 Search Associates – magazine of natural dog care and training – Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner – N. CA. organization for education & research of Forensic evidence for dog teams

Vermont Search and Rescue K9, Inc.


PO Box 200
Calais, VT 05648-0200


VSARK9 responds only to those agencies in Vermont which have statutory jurisdiction for missing persons. We do not respond to private requests nor do we respond to requests for missing pets. Our dogs are trained to indicate on human scent only and are trained not to respond to any animal scent.

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