Alex Whitelock – Founder, Secretary, Treasurer - 2006

Level 2 FSP

Scout – IPWDA Adv. Area certified; VSARK9 Night Certified; HRD certified

Iko – Retired

Dancer - (Deceased) IPWDA Adv. Area Certified, IPWDA land HRD certified, Water recovery

Peter Hurd – President - 2015

Level 2 FSP

Dee – IPWDA Adv. Area certified, VSARK9 Night Certified

Brian Fraser – VP, Training Director, 2015

Level 1 FSP 

Bruno – IPWDA Adv. Area Certified, VSARK9 Night Certified

Jasmyn Atsalis-Gogel – 2018

Level 1 FSP, VSARK9 Area Certified

Jonathan McCluskey – 2019

Amber - Trainee

Jeremy Holden – 2019

Venus - Trainee

Amelia Stamp – 2020

Brynne - Trainee

Ethan Cote – 2020

Kova - Trainee

Vermont Search and Rescue K9, Inc.


PO Box 200
Calais, VT 05648-0200


VSARK9 responds only to those agencies in Vermont which have statutory jurisdiction for missing persons. We do not respond to private requests nor do we respond to requests for missing pets. Our dogs are trained to indicate on human scent only and are trained not to respond to any animal scent.

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